PEP Club             United methodist church 42 Liberty Corner Rd, Warren
                                                                      United Methodist Church, 22 Church Street, Bernardsville

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P.E.P Club

Come cook at P.E.P. Club

and have fun. We are making Pasta from scratch.

Friday at 7-8:15. Ages 7-12 years

$20 per class

Reservation required

After two decades in business, we're sure you'll love PEP Club as much as we do!  We encourage the development of self-confidence in an emotionally and physically safe environment where we stress the process, not the product

Our classes include multi-activity programs that encourage your child to explore a variety of activities involving gross-motor and fine-motor skills. 

PEP Club also encourages parent involvement as a positive role model. As parents (and grandparents!), we know from experience that parenting is a challenging, ever-evolving job, and that the support of others can be very helpful. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with other parents, exchange helpful tips and ideas, plus learn PEP Club routines to help keep your child happy and occupied throughout the week!

American Dolls Evenings

January 20:Winter Sport
6:30-8:30  pm $25 Ages 6-10

Bring your favorite doll - any doll will do - to make pretend food and accessories, play games and visit with friends!

Girls will have fun crafting miniature items for their dolls and playing games right out of the pages of American Girl!

Perfect for girls ages 6-10

Any doll or stuffed animal

Friday  908-451 9280 

or [email protected]

Reservation required

My fiancé and I just had our daughter's 4th birthday party at PEP Club today! Jan and Tiffany were wonderful! They ensured that everything ran smoothly and in a timely manner. The kids really enjoyed making their own pizzas, decorating their own chef hats, and decorating their own cupcakes! I highly recommend PEP Club! Check them out for your next children's party!